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FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 12:00am PST
to meet these people. >> a problem for chronic masterbaters. i read the new law. they said bill schulz is allowed to come on the plane as long as he removes his face. >> let me see that law. >> it says you have to cut your face-off. >> why is that law handwritten. >> i got the draft from one of the people in charge. it says, bill, no face, schulz, is welcome. >> tell them there is no t in schulz. i hate your friend. i think the limit in tsa people now because they are see questions straighted -- >> you are you blaming this on sequestration? >> it has nothing to do with this. >> it was a great show. i believe steven spielberg produced it, but it is neither here nor there. i think between the knives and the lack of security it is going to make people think twice about doing any type of air travel. i hope it does. it is less lines for me so that i can go to my fact finding mission in san francisco. >> i never heard you say happily there are less lines for you. >> well when i am around there are less lines. >> this is the thing that bugs me, matt. aren't they kind of saying the passengers
FOX News
Mar 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
outside of the muslim brotherhood headquarters. one law student it is a funny way to protest the brotherhood who took control of the country. >> that was a clip from argo. >> they look like the iranian protestors because they ripped mickey mouse's head off. >> creepy. is that a good sign that western stuff is happening in a terrible place. >> we wrote the federalist . they put on disney costumes and do the harlem shake. >> i hoped it was progress. but i don't know, ann, you think it is not progress? >> it is always good when muslims decide to fight with sarcas'm than violence. >> that's my point. >> the larger point is perhaps the arab spring not a day at the beach we were led to believe. >> bill, you do the harlem shake after you wake up on 125th feet naked. >> i am having shakes just think being it. >> did i wait for the entire segment with a joke. >> you ended with it is good. >> a dance craze can be attributed on how easy it is to do. >> the harlem shake is. i can do that. >> when you dress like that. it is creepy. >> you can do it with somebody on -- something on your he
FOX News
Mar 6, 2013 12:00am PST
laws. it took them until 2008 and the whole thing going mad to ban smoking in the u.n. quite frankly they have a three martini lunch and you expect so in those surroundings. >> they run their countries as though it is back in time and they live in new york as if it is back this time. is this different from musicians doing business in a bar before they go on stage some. >> that hurts me, greg. >> that was a fair comparison. >> yes. i have been misconstrued. these are the people who elected libya to the human rights council. and i think it is like let them get drunk. they can't really do anything. they can't screw people in mass when they are doing -- get them ladies of horizontal refresh meant. go in there -- it is like when our congress goes out on vacation. they don't hurt us. >> the more vacation they take -- >> the better off our country is. >> the better we are. do you think this is people behaving differently when they are away from their home city and they are having fun? >> probably, but it doesn't help matters much. >> i am condemning it, by the way. >> on record. >> you are
FOX News
Mar 8, 2013 12:00am PST
money -- >> at strip clubs? >> asking my accountant about what is a lawful deduction. many of the things i pay for to be here and to be on other shows on fox news and fox business you would think would be a write off. nope. whatever this rapper is claiming, i will guarantee you i will save him some money, not a write off. >> it would be great if you open up a strip club and call it a soup kitchen. the receipts work out by themselves. oh, soup kitchen. how nice he spent $835 at the soup kitchen. >> awesome bread sticks. >> that's what they call it. >> political twitter tends to be negative. blah, blah, blah. greg you said everybody on twitter was a big jerk. remi you said people are involved in anonymity. it is a fair point, but i looked through the survey and there is nothing in it that necessarily says people on twitter are mean. it says negative comments generally exceed positive comments. but it could mean i don't think president obama is doing a good job. none of that is mean. >> that's mean. people generally are much easier with criticism than compliments. you are less inclined to w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)